Today’s show is fun and different as the tables are turned on me. Jean Oplinger, Master Certified Coach and Episode 176 guest, interviews me about how we can coach through fear, a timely topic as we function through a global pandemic.
Show Highlights:

●    Why we need to address the subject of coaching through fear

●    Why most negative emotions (panic, anger, frustration) are fear-based feelings

●    What we should pay attention to with our clients

●    How a coach can help when a client feels fearful by using tone, presence, and holding space for emotions, but not trying to “fix” the fear for them

●    The importance of managing emotions and being curious with your coaching presence

●    The value of listening, in being a safe and trusted space and being OK with silence

●    Having courage as a coach to own the vulnerability

●    Indicators that the emotion might be a mental wellness issue and a referral might be needed

●    How emotions and anxiety can make people feel stuck and pull them away from day-to-day function

●    Questions that coaches can ask about what they notice with clients

●    How to coach through fear to ground the client to move into the future with calm, reason, and freedom

●    Why it’s OK to ask about the support that clients need from their coach and other people around them


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