Today’s show covers a topic relevant to all aspects of coaching. If you’ve wondered about expanding into mastermind groups, or thought about how that would work for your coaching business, then this is a show you can’t miss.

Ronan Leonard co-founded Transform to solve the biggest problem in business, which is how to increase trust. He has pivoted to focus on mid-sized businesses, helping identify underperforming strategies or new growth ideas. He’ll share tips on leveraging your business through different services we offer. We’ll discuss the benefits of mastermind groups, in which you transition from one-on-one coaching to coaching larger groups of people. Ronan brings much knowledge and creativity to our conversation, so join us to learn more.

Show Highlights:

● How Ronan became interested in masterminds after “stumbling around” in various professions

● How mastermind groups became Ronan’s sweet spot

● What a mastermind group is

● The most powerful aspect of a mastermind group

● How a mastermind differs from a course

● Important things to consider about a mastermind group

● Why it’s OK to have specific expectations of your mastermind

● How the accountability factor shows up in a mastermind

● The necessary mindset for a successful mastermind

● Why relationship building is the key

● Working on a mastermind group as part of our coaching service offerings

● What it means to leverage your business

● How we can get creative with our intellectual property


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