I’ve been busy setting up interviews for summer episodes, and I’m so excited about what’s coming your way! As I’m setting up a new website for my business, I’m doing a lot of writing, which makes today’s show extremely timely and relevant. How do you feel about the copy on your website? Does it attract the clients you want? Join us as we discuss all things copywriting!

Megan Kachigan is the owner of Megan Kachigan Copywriting. She creates content for coaches that generates revenue and optimizes automation. In today’s show, Megan talks about the importance of writing content in such a way that readers turn into clients. She’ll share five key elements of compelling copywriting, how you can access free templates for writing content, and what to expect should you choose to work with a copywriter.

Show Highlights:

Copywriting 101: What is copywriting all about?

● How copywriting for coaches can help with websites, emails, automated sales pages, and Facebook ads

● Five essentials for creating content:

○ Use a juicy hook or headline to get readers’ attention

■ Know your audience, their pain points, and their motivation so you can meet them where they are

■ Overcome the fear of being too specific with your niche

○ Create an emotional connection

■ Tell a story to illustrate a problem and a solution that you can provide for them

○ Offer them proof of your work

■ Use testimonials, case studies, graphs, and statistics to remove doubt

○ Tell the benefits and features of working with you

■ Highlight both tangible and intangible benefits

■ Cite the results you’ve gotten for other clients

○ Have a clear call to action (CTA)

■ Be a leader and ask the reader to take the next step with you

● Why simplicity, authenticity, and clarity are important in all of your content

● What it’s like to work with a copywriter:

○ How different ranges and levels of services are offered, depending on what you need

○ How the copywriter becomes an extension of you

○ How a customized plan is developed for your business


Megan’s website: www.megankachigan.com

Free Content Templates available at http://www.megankachigan.com/free-content-templates/

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