With every week’s show, I hope to provide a valuable takeaway for you. My desire is that you’ll find a helpful perspective to apply to your coaching skills, coaching business, and leadership style. Today’s show follows that same pattern as we look at the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us from properly valuing our skills, products, and services.

Reese Evans is a Master Manifestation + Abundance Coach and creator of the YES SUPPLY METHOD. Reese is on a mission to teach the world the power of the subconscious mind and the universal laws to create the life you were meant to live. Reese is going to share about her journey and how she was led to the place she finds herself today. Through her path from a job in which she wasn’t happy, she went to create a multiple six-figure company where she can bring coaching forward and teach others her method, which has an amazing ripple effect. Reese will talk about the sabotage we engage in with our mind chatter regarding the sales conversation. We start there, but we branch into other rich topics for you to consider asking a client to work with you.

Show Highlights: 

●     Reese’s story of landing in the coaching profession: from an unhappy job situation to the video blog for entrepreneurs that created a community

●     Reese’s tips about blogging:

○     Look to solve a big problem

○     Know your audience and be intentional about your message

●     Why launching small is the way to go

●     How Reese started coaching people who reached out to her because of her blog

●     How a growth mindset helped Reese to overcome obstacles and accomplish her goals

●     How Reese empowers clients with their mindset and personal identity first—and THEN tackles their behaviors

●     The difference between being a coach and a consultant

●     Problem #1: The societal programming that self-sabotages the sale (“When did we decide that selling is bad?”)

●     The mind shift that needs to happen to ask someone to invest in you

●     Look at allowing someoner to invest in you as a gift or service to them

●     Problem #2: Entrepreneurs haven’t truly fallen in love with their product or service

●     Things to say to encourage people to work with you:

○     Ask about their goals and obstacles

○     Show them how you can help them

●     Realize that whatever you charge will be insignificant to the amount of value that the client will get

●     “Be an example of what can happen when good people get money. Use that money to invest in programs and certifications that allow you to empower more people.”


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