If you would love to focus on the positive, rather than on the problem when coaching, listen in to today’s show, with Megan McDonough of the Whole Being Institute and find out about how you can implement Positive Psychology in coaching and how this can help you to partner with your clients as a coach and help them to flourish.

“Positive psychology is looking at what works.”

Megan is the co-founder and CEO of The Whole Being Institute, an educational organization that focuses on the Science of Human Flourishing. Megan brings her incredible wisdom to today’s show and talks about different research studies that have taught us how we, as coaches, can help our clients to attain their dreams and goals. The studies also teach us about what we can do for ourselves. Listen in as Megan shares some specific tools that you can apply to your life and some specific ways that you can partner with your clients, using this mindful, positive psychology focus to help them get to a better place with a more positive focus.
Today, Megan talks to Meg about:


  • The Whole Being Institute- What they do and who they deal with.
  • How she helps the people who come through the institute to better understand Positive Psychology from a coaching perspective.
  • Some specific tools that a coach can use in helping people to overcome their limiting filters and broaden their perspectives.
  • Physical benefits that can be experienced as a result of putting oneself into a positive state.
  • How coaches can help people to keep building positive resources over time, to create a lasting Virtuous Upward Spiral of positive emotions.
  • How Positive Psychology Coaching can help clients to identify and engage with their strengths.
  • The Via Institute, an organization that forms the backbone of Positive Psychology.
  • Character and signature strengths– What they are and how they work for you.
  • The free Via Character Strength Survey– How it can help you as a coach to help your clients.
  • The importance of recognising your own strengths, as a coach.
  • The Negativity Bias- How we are hard-wired to notice what is wrong, so we have to use energy to elevate our emotions to become positive.


Meg’s website: www.starcoachshow.com – Go to the contact page to be enrolled in Meg’s ongoing book give-away = Do It Right by Valerie Sokolosky.

And then this week, the Whole Being Institute is giving a $99 course for free to Star Coaches until March 15, 2017! http://wholebeinginstitute.com/course-overview/living-with-ease