Coaching can help us be more respectful of one another and curious about others’ experiences. Coaching can help transform our world into a more prosperous, loving, and connected place for individuals and organizations. In this time of global pandemic, the question is, “What can we do to increase awareness and help small businesses grow and thrive?”

Patrick Frazier is an executive coach who brings clients more than 35 years’ experience as a business executive in the technology, banking, and transportation industries. He has served as vice president of operations, director of systems development, and executive coach on high growth company leadership teams. Pat understands how to create award-winning results and cultures. He guides company executives in finding and keeping A-players, getting the right people in the right seats, developing and putting an actionable strategic plan in place, and having the discipline to execute and hit milestones. Pat’s business is The Coaching Authority. You’ll be amazed at the nuggets of information in this interview as Patrick shares Seven Attributes of Agile Growth.

Show Highlights:

●     Observations from working with small to medium-sized businesses: 95% fail to scale up, and 80% fail due to poor execution

●     Patrick’s passion is to help small businesses beat the odds and discover and develop potential, so leaders have the right tools to succeed

●     How we can stack the odds in favor of small businesses to succeed

●     Seven Attributes of Agile Growth:

○     Leadership

■     Leaders have to be well-balanced and the best version of themselves

○     Strategy

■     You should be able to state in a simple sentence what it is that makes your business unique and different

○     Customers

■     Who is your ideal customer? What is your promise to them?

○     Execution

■     What are your priorities, metrics, and communication rhythms?

○     Cash

■     Do you have enough to fuel your growth?

○     People

■     People are the heartbeat of any business. Assess your staff regularly and coach them daily to attract, retain, and develop the best (and let go of the rest!)

○     Systems

■     Use processes that are repeatable and scalable. (Think of the acronym, SYSTEM–”Saves you stress, time, and money.”)

●     Patrick shares other concepts to pay attention to so you can be a company that WINS


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