With the challenges we currently face in our world, the quality of resilience is more important than ever. No matter what your role or position, cultivating resilience is essential. If you want more resilience in your life, then don’t miss today’s show!

Pegah Kadkhodaian is the owner of PK Coaching. She’s a renowned speaker, international trainer, and resilience expert who believes wholeheartedly in the transformative nature of resilience. Pegah is bringing her 7 Pillars of Radical Resilience to us so we can better understand how to rise up, take care of ourselves, and nurture the resilience within us. Pegah’s own mastery of resilience began with the powerful women who raised her: a mother who left revolution-torn Iran when Pegah was three, and an aunt who endured political imprisonment and unspeakable loss. Pegah witnessed the strength of these women who gifted her with the extraordinary ability to nurture thriving out of hardship. Pegah has continued to explore the power of thoughts as a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Mental and Emotional Release Therapy. Pegah works with individuals in coaching, teaches at corporate events and universities, leads wellness retreats, and hosts the brand-new podcast, Radical Resilience, The Podcast. Her joy is to help clients find the power of radical resilience, to harness and hone it, and to learn to call it their own.

Show Highlights:

● How resilience applies perfectly in the face of a global pandemic

● Pegah’s definition of resilience: “Having an inner sense of self-awareness, congruence, and absolute unshakeable calm that no matter what the world throws at you, you are unstoppable”

● Seven Pillars of Radical Resilience:

○ Radical self-care: Take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally

○ Healing the heart: Take time to heal the inner child, wounds, and traumas

○ Learn unconditional acceptance: Say YES to everything, even when it’s uncertain and uncomfortable

○ Reclaim your identity: Uncover your bigger purpose and true essential self

○ Cultivate connection and community: Have a tribe of people who support you, help you, and are aligned with you

○ Cultivate creativity: Continually expand your creations in the world

○ Make joy a daily spiritual practice: Tap into the things that bring you pleasure and make you feel alive

● The goal of the seven pillars is “to make a well-rounded, harmonious, self-aware, blessed human being”

● How the deep pain of life helps wake us up to who we are and return us to center

● How mindset fits into the framework of radical resilience

● Pegah’s Empowering Paradigms (there are ten in all, but three are especially relevant to the pandemic):

○ Honor and acknowledge that everyone has their own model of the world

○ Seek to understand before you’re understood

○ Recognize that flexibility expands possibility

● Pegah’s last words to coaches: “Do your own work first.”


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