Today’s show comes from conversations with STaR Coach Show listeners about how to set up a website for their coaching practice. The whole process can be intimidating from the very beginning. Join us as we discuss how to make your website woes less overwhelming.

John Miles has over 12 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, running both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. John is originally from Canada, but he currently lives in Colombia. He’s the founder of iWorker, a socially-focused virtual assistant agency that provides work to hundreds of talented people around South America, Asia, and Africa. That socially-minded perspective shows through in John’s work as he provides value and meets his customers’ needs. He also has a web development agency called The Free Website Guys. They build professional starter websites for free for entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss how his service helps entrepreneurs by providing the basics of creating an efficient website to maximize their online presence. Join us as we cover the beginning steps to take, along with tools and resources to consider.

Show Highlights:

●     A recap of the last 2-3 years of John’s life and business journey, including how he made the move from Canada to South America

●     How John learned the value of outsourcing by running his first business, a software company

●     How he meets the outsourcing needs of his clients by matching them with a virtual assistant

●     The value of having a website, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis

●     Why a website gives your business added credibility

●     The website basics that can be included in a one-page site: an About section, product or service information, and your contact information

●     How to add more detailed elements to your website later, like lead magnets and email marketing software (Example: MailerLite)

●     Why you should tweak your lead magnet with detailed, quality content

●     The purpose of a giveaway in adding value and quality for your clients

●     The starting point for your website is a platform, and you shouldn’t try to begin with a custom-built one (Examples of platforms: Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix)

●     John’s tip: Start small and add more elaborate elements to your site later

●     How to use templates for page-building

●     Why you need to be able to do certain modifications to your website on your own

●     What to look for in website help

●     The WHY of John’s unusual business model for The Free Website Guys

●     The value of giving value to the community you serve

●     John’s final encouragement: “You can sit down over a weekend and build a website through WordPress, and, aside from hosting services at a few dollars per month, it will cost you nothing. Don’t be intimidated.”


John’s websites: The Free Website Guys

Helpful resources mentioned in today’s show: