Last week’s show was about growing your online presence with a website, and today’s show builds on that momentum. The truth is that you have to be visible online for your potential clients to find you, and that has never been more relevant than it is in today’s coronavirus pandemic. Having an online presence does NOT mean that you are doomed to spend hours each day on social media sites. Join us to learn more about maximizing your online presence and leveraging the available resources to build your coaching business.

Debbie Peck has been an online marketer since 1999, as well as being a marketing coach and consultant. She also owns a digital marketing agency that helps people set up courses and funnels and facilitates launches and launch strategies to bring in business. She is currently in her home country of Canada, but she lives the freedom lifestyle as a digital nomad, traveling the world to do her business from anywhere–when COVID-19 isn’t restricting travel. In today’s show, Debbie shares how we can use her strategies to bring in leads online and maximize our online presence.

Show Highlights:

●     We have ways to connect online in 2020 that were never before available

●     Steps to maximize your online presence:

○     Be visible

■     Set profiles to make it obvious what you do and where people can find you

■     Send the same message across all platforms

■     Attend networking events and make appearances

○     Have automated systems set up so people can connect with you

■     Use funnels to move people along in the sales process

■     Use automated emails to enhance your credibility

■     Start with what you need right now—and expand later

○     Communicate

■     Your email list is the biggest asset in your online business

■     Be clear about your call-to-action

■     Don’t do “billboard” ads, but focus on collecting the lead

○     Follow up

■     When someone opts in, have at least five emails ready to go

■     Don’t send out “fluff,” but make it important information

●     How to adapt your online content to current clients’ needs

●     Final thoughts from Debbie: “We’ve been forced to do things online that we didn’t think possible a short time ago, so we see what can be done. Networking online is the same as networking offline; follow the rules of being respectful, giving your clients valuable stuff, and building relationships.”

●     An overview of the services Debbie offers through her digital agency


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