Today’s show has top-notch information about maximizing your coaching skills. My energizing and enlightening guest explores authenticity, the strength of your personal brand, and tapping into your purpose. Join us to learn more!

Mary Henderson is an internationally-recognized personal branding and social selling specialist. She brings 20 years of experience in building seven- and eight-figure businesses. Today’s show focuses on her personal branding methodology, an algorithm that can define a person’s uniqueness, passion, values, and expertise. Mary has a background in technology, and she shares her incredible journey of self-awareness to discover her passion and purpose. Her personal journey is very much a part of the work she does with business owners to create their authentic personal brand. We’ll discuss our natural state and how it is reflected in our authentic brand. Mary thrives on helping people fulfill their dreams through her compassionate, heart-centered approach, and I’m excited to introduce her to you!

Show Highlights:

●     How Mary’s journey unfolded, beginning with a pivotal moment of realization in 2011 that began to change her life

●     The events that followed in defining Mary at her true core

●     How Mary discovered how she could merge her three passions: sales, building digital businesses, and personal branding

●     How she started her business in 2015 as a full-time coach/consultant

●     Why we are tempted to discount our natural genius skills

●     What is important about authenticity

●     How to help clients clear away the fog to find their authentic state

●     How Mary’s holistic view impacts her coaching process

●     Why Mary asks clients, “What problem can you solve effortlessly?” to help them find their flow

●     Mary’s advice about bringing your authentic brand forward and designing their methodology

●     Why your authenticity has to be trustable and believable

●     How you can connect with your ideal client with consistency

●     The power of micro-niching: “Be clear about the problem you can solve and who needs that problem solved.”

●     Why your personal brand needs one clear sentence that states what you do, who you serve, and what you promise

●     Mary’s transition from Facebook to LinkedIn—and the knowledge that came with it

●     Mary’s parting advice: “If you’re not moving forward in your business, there’s nothing wrong with you and your specialization. The starting point is to understand yourself, your values, and what’s natural to you.”


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