The STaR Coach Show is always about strengthening your skills, competencies, and confidence in your coaching career. As you look to minimize the barriers and maximize your success, your mindset and your “inner game” are far more critical than any system or process. Join us to find out more in today’s show!

Barry Magliarditi is an award-winning coach and the founder and director of The Game Changers. He was chosen as Australian Coach of the Year for the 2016 Invia Innovation and Excellence in Business Coaching in Australia. Barry learned quickly that his inner game is the key to creating tangible and sustainable results in his outer game. In today’s show, we’ll explore his journey for valuable lessons learned. Since starting his coaching business, Barry has assisted business owners in creating amazing results, sometimes tripling and quadrupling their growth. Barry is a Peak Performance Coach based in Perth, Australia, who helps facilitate sustainable, heart-based change for his clients.

Show Highlights:

●     Barry’s path to success on his coaching journey

●     How Barry’s goals backfired, propelling him into the coaching industry

●     Despite his good intentions, Barry endured bankruptcy and a failed marriage before finding unimaginable success

●     Why Barry wanted to help others avoid the same pain and mistakes that he endured

●     How Barry uses The Game Changers to help other business owners get exactly what he wanted years ago as a business owner

●     How Barry’s business runs without his daily involvement and now gives him the free time he wanted all along

●     The reality that our personal problems are expressed as our business problems

●     Why your framework of mindset is more important than any business systems and strategies

●     Barry’s end-game goals that have now been realized

●     Barry’s tips:

○     Just do it–Don’t wait–”Others are waiting to hear your message.”

○     Leverage your value–Be clear–”If people pay, they’ll pay attention.”

○     Embrace the energetic exchange–The market reflects you–”Be willing to charge for your services at least the amount you’re paying for coaching.”

●     Overcoming barriers regarding value and money



Website: The Game Changers