Having sustainable, profitable, healthy businesses helps us show up better with our clients. You can focus on your coaching skills if you aren’t stressed out about paying the bills. Want to learn more? Join us for today’s show.

Ursula Pottinga is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and the co-developer and leader of a popular program for advanced coaches around the neuroscience of coaching. In today’s show, we are talking about the neuroscience of prosperity, which is Ursula’s focus as the president of Profound Growth, where she works with people around topics of prosperity and legacy. We’ll look at how we bring those two concepts together to create the kind of business we want to have. Ursula also shares how to prime the brain, manifest what you want, and put in the work to reach the prosperity you want.

Show Highlights:

●     The starting point of neuroscience for prosperity: “the user’s manual for the human brain”

●     What prosperity is

●     The first step in prosperity is clarity in your vision and dream

●     How form and experience factor into prosperity

●     How to identify the emotion underneath the form

●     Why we get distracted by titles and labels

●     How we prime our brain for prosperity with RAS (reticular activation system)

●     How to increase your brain’s focus on what you want

●     Why you can’t just push away the brain’s attention on what you don’t want

●     How we create pathways in the brain through deep, personal relevance

●     How being worried and anxious keeps us from making clear and sound decisions

●     Why you shouldn’t build a coaching practice through scarcity–because of how your mirror neurons function

●     An overview of services offered by BEabove Leadership


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