In building any business, you will stumble upon times of stagnation when you don’t know the next steps to take. You might still feel the passion and vision for what you want to accomplish, but you know that something is missing. Today’s guest has the answers for you with his practical business-building tools that are easy to implement today. Pull your business out of the doldrums and join us to learn more!

Adam Carroll is a speaker, author, mentor, and host of the Build a Bigger LIfe podcast. Adam has been working for years to help people make the most of their money to recover from debt and thrive in business. Business-building strategies can benefit you no matter where you fall between being a novice business owner or a seasoned veteran. You can get Adam’s tips and strategies on a daily basis by following his YouTube channel.

Show Highlights:

●     Adam’s journey that brought him to the place he is today

●     How Adam shared his passionate message through his book and interactive program for high school students in the early 2000’s

●     How Adam made the decision around 2014 to change the way he made a living to be at home more

●     How Adam pivoted to doing life building and personal growth retreats in cool destinations

●     The starting point for business building: “Get out there and share your knowledge.”

●     How to begin your speaking career: What would you love to talk about?

●     How to use speaking as a business-building tool:

○     Focus on storytelling

○     Have three titles and session descriptions in your pocket at all times

○     With every speaking opportunity, promote your “tripwire” product to grab leads

○     Watch and study the techniques and delivery of speakers who inspire you

●     How to use networking POWER (Promoting Opportunities While Establishing Relationships) as a business-building tool:

○     Create a POWER 100 list of people who like, love, and respect you

○     Don’t underestimate being in your own community and creating your network there

●     How to use content creation as a business-building tool:

○     Use mind mapping techniques to structure your content in compressed time

●     The importance of your team in business building


Website: Adam Corroll

Podcast: Build A Bigger Life

YouTube: Adam Carroll Speaker

LinkedIn: Adam Carroll

Wednesday’s Wisdom 10 am ET/9 am CT on STaR Coach FB Page