Our goal each week is to enhance your life and business as a coach. Today’s guest is full of warmth, generosity, and social responsibility, and I’m grateful to introduce him to you.

Mel Leow is a Master Certified Coach. He is sharing the impact that coaching has had on his business, family, and views on social responsibility around the world. Mel is transparent, open, and authentic about the highs and lows of his coaching business, what motivated him into coaching, and what motivates him to help social entrepreneurs to impact the world and make a difference. Mel is an internationally acclaimed leadership and life coach, speaker, and trainer who engages with individuals and teams to uncover their personal and professional potential and align with their inner purpose and desires. Mel believes he exists to empower the next generation of leaders and catalysts to live and be brave.

Show Highlights:

● Mel’s journey story from the marketing world to coaching

● How Mel gained traction in his early coaching career

● How Mel applied coaching skills to his leadership style through active listening

● How Mel’s children noticed the changes as he lived out his coaching principles

● How Mel transitioned into coaching as a full-time career

● The story of Mel’s friend who experienced a huge transformation through coaching

● How Mel’s coaching work in Asia goes across borders all over the world

● How Mel helps the visually impaired through his coaching work in Africa

● Mel’s transformative work in India in a social enterprise school with African students

● Mel’s mission to bring coaching to the ends of the world, equipping 10,000 coaches to impact 10 million people

● What it means to live out coaching as a lifestyle

● The ripple effect of the coaching impact

● Important considerations for living out coaching as a lifestyle with the important people in our lives and on social media platforms

● Mel’s new book: Engage: How To Stop Living In Default And Start Living The Life You Desire


Connect with Mel and learn more about his work:

I Am Catalyst

API Coaching


Twitter: Life Coach Mel

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