I’m excited to bring you this episode because it means we are almost to 200! We have created helpful content full of expert advice and practical resources to enhance and grow your coaching business. Today’s show is another one in that line. Get ready to challenge your thinking and shift your perspective with today’s guest.

Chris Kenney is a High-Ticket Sales Mastery Mentor. His focus is on teaching entrepreneurs how to break their money rules to master high-ticket sales, rapidly accelerate their income, and live lives of uncommon freedom and choice. Chris was the keynote speaker at the All Texas Retreat last year, and he did a delightful job in bringing his message to that audience. In today’s show, we’ll talk about sales and marketing, but we will focus on viewing it through a different lens. Chris will also share the proven model he uses in his seven-figure coaching business.

Show Highlights:

●     What brought Chris to the place he is today

●     Chris’ coaching journey: from Mary Kay consultants to women entrepreneurs to coaches

●     How Chris works with coaches to help them target their niche and market their message to attract clients

●     Why an introvert has a distinct advantage in selling

●     Why your message has to be sound from start to finish

●     How to learn the skill set to market and message yourself so people compare you to something higher level

●     Two models for scaling your coaching practice:

○     High volume, low investment

○     Low volume, high investment (the fastest way to grow!)

●     Why it makes all the difference to be “interested,” not “interesting”

●     How to get people to see your value through questions

●     Why you can’t make the scale about money: “Be committed to service, not attached to the money.”

●     Chris’ THINK model for creating what he wants through manifestation:

○     T-Think about what you want

○     H-Have a clear description of what you want

○     I-Insert gratitude

○     N-Notice what shows up

○     K-Keep moving in faith

●     The new perspective we should have about what “shows up” for us

●     What we need to know about selling: the client’s seen problem, an unseen problem, and the solution

●     Final advice from Chris: “Stop selling the solution to the seen problem, but ask better questions to reveal the unseen problem and sell the solution to that.”


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