It’s here! The 200th episode of the STaR Coach Show! I’m thrilled and honored to have covered such informative content with the amazing guests we have featured on the show. This milestone episode is a compilation of thoughts from seasoned coaches about what they wished they had known when they first began as a coach. The responses are varied and value-packed, and I hope you enjoy these coaching insights. 

Show Highlights:

These coaches were asked: “What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started coaching?”

  • Meg Mann, MCC, and co-owner of Clarity Professional Development shares two specific concepts:
    • Go on the coaching journey with the client to help them get clear on what they truly want.
    • Enjoy being a co-discoverer and co-explorer with the client as a travel companion with an open mind. 
  • Dr. Renee Moorefield, MCC, and CEO of Wisdom Works shares the following:
    • The upfront goal or problem of the client that’s most obvious really isn’t it. There is usually a deeper goal, aspiration, challenge, or need, and it’s often something around meaning and purpose in life and work.
  • Rick Tamlyn, MCC of The Bigger Game and Produce You, shares the following:
    • Instead of performance anxiety in wondering if I, the coach, am doing a “good job,” I should be committed to my client’s dream for their life. 
  • Andrew Bennett, TEDx and keynote speaker and executive coach, shares about his self-awareness:
    • Coaches need to put aside their ego and fear of rejection to be self-differentiating in their coaching conversations. 
  • Alison Hendren, CEO, and founder of Coaching Out of the Box shares the following:
    • Coaches aren’t responsible for solving problems for their clients, but they should support the client in finding their way. 
  • Jean Oplinger, MCC, Insights facilitator, Master Personal Brand Strategist, and Gallup Strengths Coach shares the following:
    • A coach should follow their passions, values, and strengths, but should “go narrow and deep” into the specialty that mirrors that passion.
  • Kathleen Stinnett, MCC, principal, and founder of FutureLaunch shares the following:
    • Be bold and true to yourself in discerning what kind of clients you want to work with because you will invest essential and critical work with that person over time.
  • Ilene Schaffer, Positive Psychology specialist and creator of Mindful Stepping echoes the importance of being true to yourself:
    • Having a health action and a connection action for your clients (and yourself!) is extremely important. Help the client identify how they will pursue these actions from session to session. 
  • Dr. Ann Deaton has more to add about being true to yourself and your values:
    • A coach should listen to the advice of others, but be discerning and do a “gut check” to determine the approach that works best for them. 
  • Mary Henderson, personal branding and social selling specialist, adds the following:
    • Don’t believe everything you see on social media! Notice the red flag when you try to follow what everyone else is doing, and step into the genius zone of YOUR skills.
  • Terri Levine from adds the following:
    • A consulting skill set may be a better fit than coaching, because you can give strategy and advice that guarantee results for your client. 
  • Teresa Pool, MCC from Transitions for Business, adds the following important insight:
    • A coach starting out should invest in hiring a virtual assistant. There are many tasks that someone else can handle, and you will have more time to focus on your practice. 
  • Diane Ingram, Professional Certified Success Unlimited Network Coach and Coach Trainer adds the following about the coaching journey:
    • Trust the process through the ups and downs of coaching. 
  • Fran Fisher, author and international speaker shares the following about her coaching journey:
    • The coaching journey is an adventure, so trust the process instead of second guessing, judging, comparing, and doubting yourself. Enjoy the unfolding adventure!

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