How are you vibrating in the world? Are you vibrating at a low level, just struggling to survive, or are you at a high level, thriving in flow and ease? Today’s show focuses on your awareness of your energy flow as you work with your clients. Join us to learn more!

Kami Guildner believes that women’s voices matter. She’s a storyteller, connector, and business coach for women. She’s the founder of Extraordinary Women Radio, a podcast featuring wildly successful women making an impact in the world. Kami has been featured as a guest across many media platforms, and she’s the author of Firedancer. We’ll learn a lot from Kami today, including what she calls the “R Factor.” Listen and increase your awareness of the four components of the R Factor and your impact on the world. Even though Kami’s focus is on her work with women, our conversation today is beneficial to all genders, because Kami points out that she works with many smart men.

Show Highlights:

  • Kami’s journey story of how she came to where she is today
  • Finding clarity in the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship
  • The R Factor: How we resonate at high vibrations vs. low vibrations:
    • Mindset: What stories are playing in my head?
    • Body set: How do I feel physically and energetically?
    • Spirit: How is my alignment to my purpose?
    • Community: Who surrounds me?
  • The importance of being intentional in shifting the patterns in our lives
  • Why naming your fear is the first step in shifting your patterns
  • How tuning into the R Factor helps someone connect with their community
  • How clients use the R Factor to impact their businesses around money and abundance
  • The value of the inner work to make breakthroughs to new levels
  • The first place to start is with daily check-ins with your R Factor components
  • Kami’s event, Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, November 5-7; it’s virtual this year, so see resources below for a discount link


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