Our tendency is to be short-sighted when it comes to coaching, not realizing what’s going on around the world in our field. It’s important that we broaden our view to get a global perspective on the advancement of coaching. Today’s show will give us a better understanding of how coaching continues to extend across the globe to create impact and build culture.

Leila Rezaiguia is an internationally known executive coach who is head of the Academy of Executive Coaching. She’s deeply passionate about empowering leaders and regularly works with teams worldwide to help them develop the confidence to achieve success in their careers. Leila has specialized for over 18 years in mental toughness training, peak performance coaching, and imposter syndrome and is committed to helping her clients develop a healthy mindset. Leila started her career as a human development professional, and she now works with organizations in Dubai. In today’s show, we’ll talk about how the Middle East is embracing coaching and how Leila works with organizations to bring more coaching to the region. Leila has international experience in many different industries and is trilingual, coaching clients in English, French, and Arabic. We’ll focus on what motivates companies to bring in coaches, how they use internal and external coaches, and how to build a brand.

Show Highlights:

●     Leila’s road to coaching and how she came to where she is today

●     The escalation of coaching in the Middle East during the last ten years

●     The need for education and awareness in organizations about the difference between executive coaching and life coaching

●     Characteristics of executive coaching and how it addresses the challenges in organizations

●     How Leila commits to understanding her clients’ needs and fitting her coaching into them

●     How Leila works with organizations to train their leaders and internal coaches–and is seeing the enormous impact

●     What Leila notices about coaching trends in organizations regarding certifications and credentials

●     What Leila sees as the benefits for organizations in creating coaching cultures

●     The trend in the Middle East for organizations to train internal coaches but still relying on external coaches for the specific needs of senior leadership

●     What organizations are looking for in external coaches: corporate experience, credentials, and results

●     The value in branding and becoming visible and how they go hand in hand

●     Why coaches need to ask their clients, “Where do you want to be known?” and “What do you want to be known for?”

●     Leila’s advice about how to raise your visibility

●     Parting words from Leila: “Be authentic. It’s about who you are. Clients are smart enough to notice when you’re overselling and not being authentic.”




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