Today’s show is about clarity in your business and making the tough decisions that will bring you success. It’s time to think about your business in a very different way! Join us to learn more!

Crista Grasso is a serial entrepreneur with several different businesses under her belt. She continues to be an accessory brand owner in addition to the work she does in organizations and on her own as an international lean business consultant and coach. Today, she shares her Lean Out method to help businesses create sustainable, flexible businesses that allow us to be true to our calling. Crista is known as the “Business Optimizer,” and she has the ability to cut through the noise and optimize the core values that will grow and scale your business for maximum impact. Crista specializes in helping business owners focus on the most important things right now.

Show Highlights:

●     Crista’s long and winding journey to where she is today

●     How Crista realized the need to scale her business to survive

●     How she developed her Lean Out method of “more value/less waste” and applied it to her business

●     How to build a lean business:

○     Get super clear on what matters most—and get rid of the rest

○     Create a vision of what you want your business to be

○     Set shorter-term goals for the next 90 days

●     The four pillars of Crista’s Lean Out method: context, clarity, commitment, and Kaizen

●     How to function in the interest of being lean

●     Crista’s CHUCK technique: “What are you going to cut, hold, change, and keep?”

●     Why it’s hard to say NO and cut things out

●     Why we need to beware of saying YES to all the things in the beginning and build our “saying NO” muscle

●     How Crista works with clients with her programs, one-on-one coaching, and mastermind groups


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