Today’s show looks through a different lens to bring a different perspective to an essential element of a coaching practice. My guest shares considerations in bringing back the human element to the workplace through spiritual intelligence.

Amy Lynn Durham is a UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner who has spent years in the corporate world, successfully managing hundreds of employees for private- and publicly-traded companies. She is often referred to as a Corporate Mystic, due to her unique ability to provide Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to energize and transform the workplace. Today’s show gives you specific examples of what you can do to bring the human spirit into the workplace.

Show Highlights:

●     Amy’s journey from the corporate world to a space of greater creativity

●     The results that Amy saw from putting her philosophy into practice

●     Amy’s work today with Create Magic at Work

●     The difference in IQ (what I think), EQ (what I feel), and SQ (what I am)—and why spiritual intelligence is superior to the other forms

●     How Amy helps clients tap into their spiritual intelligence by bringing gratefulness into team meetings and allowing people to share their intentions through exercises

●     Tools Amy uses with leaders and coaches to improve SQ:

○     Word destroying and word reshaping exercises

○     Ways to trust your own intuition

●     Responses Amy has received from organizations about her work

●     How COVID-19 has affected corporate America with a “system shakeup”

●     How Amy got clarity in the cutthroat world of corporate competition, learning to bring her “full self” to the workplace and risk being seen

●     How Amy uses her “In Ten Years” exercise with clients

●     Why we have to have courage and vulnerability to try something new, which is the first baby step to bring heart and human connection to the workplace


Create Magic At Work

Book: Create Magic At Work: Practical Tools To Ignite Human Connection