Today’s show covers the topic of building your business with referrals–but in a new and revolutionary way. While this information is vital for coaches, it’s also applicable to any business owner. Join us to learn more!

Stacey Brown Randall is a member of the “business failure club.” She shares openly about what she’s experienced and what she’s learned along the way. She’s also a contrarian on generating referrals, which is the focus of today’s show, and Stacey supports the entrepreneurial dream. She creates programs that provide a roadmap on how to take control of your business. She’s a three-time entrepreneur, author of the award-winning book, Generating Business Referrals. . . Without Asking, and she hosts the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast. We’re diving into Stacey’s path along with her five-step process to generating referrals without even asking.

Show Highlights:

●     A look at Stacey’s journey of how she came to where she is today

●     What Stacey learned to help herself and help others regarding referrals

●     Why a true referral has to have a personal connection and a need that is identified in the prospect

●     What you need to know about gaining referrals by using Stacey’s five-step process:

○     Identify your referral sources

■     This is the foundational piece; resources can help, like a simple Excel spreadsheet

○     Write a handwritten Thank You note for each referral received

■     How Stacey goes above and beyond to appreciate people and make herself memorable and meaningful (“Minding your M & Ms”)

○     Build a referral plan in advance

■     How you can deepen the relationship with a series of outreaches to take care of your referral sources

○     Understand the language to use in planting referral seeds

■     How to employ the “secret sauce” to make your referral plan work

○     Do the “processitizing” to make your plan happen

■     How to apply the process to your workflow and your unique business situation


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Generating Business Referrals. . . Without Asking by Stacey Brown Randall