Marketing is a necessary part of being a business owner. Some people love it, and some feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Today’s show covers the marketing mistakes that hinder our flow and how we can improve.

Heather Campbell is a nationally recognized branding strategist, creative problem solver, and digital marketing sherpa. On top of that, she’s a fun and inspiring person who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs. Heather founded her agency, Double Dutch Creative, in 2014, after a successful career leading branding, marketing, and strategic communications programs for multi-billion-dollar companies. Heather’s secret sauce connects your vision to deliverables that engage, inform, and motivate your most valuable customers to take action. She knows how to leverage websites and digital media to advance the customer sales journey and exploit efficiencies inherent in online channels. Heather has an online course called Epiphany, which replicates her agency processes and DIYs them for savvy and scrappy entrepreneurs.

Show Highlights:

●     How Heather came to where she is today in helping entrepreneurs with their marketing

●     The #1 marketing mistake that entrepreneurs make: marketing too soon

○     The core sequence to follow before you start marketing:

■     Establish your brand and identity

●     Find out who plays in your space, create value, and stand out

■     Understand your most valuable customer

●     Ask, “Who do I want to serve? What are their aspirations?”

■     Align your product and pricing with what your customers want

●     Explore your “space” to see what customers want

■     Have a website that’s built to sell

●     Give customers a sense of what it’s like to work with you; show a visual difference that’s clear about what you do

■     Get your marketing plan together

●     THIS is when you’re ready to market on Facebook

●     Marketing mistake #2: Wearing someone else’s marketing as a mask

○     The fix: Unapologetically own your best attributes

●     Marketing mistake #3: Casting too wide a net in trying to serve everyone

○     The fix: Ask specific questions to hone down to three core customer groups

●     Marketing mistake #4: Not having a website

○     The fix: Establish your website upfront, and then continue to evolve later

●     Marketing mistake #5: Improvising your marketing

○     The fix: Look at your marketing planning through the lens of the customer journey


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