Don’t we all want more happiness and well-being? You might not realize how these factors can be measured, but today’s guest has devoted his work to this field. He’s an expert on happiness and well-being, and he’s to share his knowledge with us.

Nic Marks is the founder and CEO of Friday Pulse. Described by one client as a “statistician with a soul,” Nic has been working in the field of happiness and well-being for over 25 years. He’s done phenomenal work that has been duly recognized and rewarded. In 2010, Nic gave a TED talk on his previous work in public policy; that speech has been viewed over 2.3 million times! His work was hailed as one of Forbes Magazine’s Seven Most Powerful Ideas in 2011. As founder and CEO of Friday Pulse, Nic shares his creative thinking with leading organizations on how positive emotions drive productivity and profit.

Show Highlights:

●     Nic’s journey that brought him to the work he does today

●     What coaches should know regarding the well-being and happiness of their clients within organizations

●     How we are shaped by the environment and systems around us

●     How coaches can use statistics and measurement to create believability

●     How Friday Pulse measures happiness and well-being with goal-specific questions and reflection

●     How to have conversations about Friday Pulse’s findings about measuring and improving employee happiness

●     How Friday Pulse supports team leaders to help them be better

●     How to raise awareness about well-being in workplaces

●     A sampling of the benefits of Friday Pulse include being able to tackle problems faster to bring positive changes and delegating responsibility to improve communication

●     Nic’s Five Keys to Happiness at Work: connect, be fair, empower, challenge, and inspire




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