Today’s show delivers again with strategies, tools, and resources to help you show up as your best self. I’m thrilled to hear that the show resonates with many who aren’t necessarily functioning in a coaching role. We are learning more about the science behind creating successful goals, which is relevant to everyone, no matter their profession or position. Join us to learn more!

Caroline Adams Miller is one of the world’s leading experts on the science behind successful goal setting. She’s also an expert in using good grit to achieve hard things, which is exactly what we need to hear during these difficult days. Caroline was a previous guest on Episode 36, long ago, to talk about her book, Getting Grit, which teaches us how to formulate a plan to achieve the tough goals and having clarity to create the life and business we want. Caroline’s previous book, Creating Your Best Life, is being reissued since it has sold over 100,000 copies. Caroline is a speaker, educator, author, professional coach, and pioneer in the coaching industry. She’s helped hundreds of senior executives, professional athletes, parents, and politicians identify their character strengths and get grit to achieve their goals.

Show Highlights:

●     The exciting news that Creating Your Best Life is being reissued now, twelve years after its initial publishing

●     The importance of happiness in goal attainment

●     Focusing on happiness means flourishing and being proud, content, mindful, and grateful

●     How optimizing the way you live and think will help you become a different person who sees the world through a different filter

●     The foundational principle of goal setting is that not all goals are equal; learning goals and performance goals are very different

●     Caroline’s BRIDGE framework, which explains the “how” of goal accomplishment with the acronym that stands for brainstorming, relationships, investment, decision-making, good grit, and excellence

●     How active-constructive responding to your good news lets you know whether someone has your back or not

●     How Caroline introduced her work to coaching clients virtually during the pandemic

●     Caroline’s next book and what it will cover

●     How are we assisting others in achieving their goals?


Episode 36: Getting Grit with Caroline Miller

Books by Caroline:

Creating Your Best Life

Getting Grit

Caroline’s website