Does social media feel like a drag and a burden to you? My guest has unique experience and expertise as a business coach who has proven methods to create income streams. She will challenge your mindset to see social media as a gift to help you build the business you want. Join us to learn more!

Julie Ciardi is a former Fortune 500 marketing VP who has turned into a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She hosts the podcast, Ignite Your Side Hustle, and believes there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream aligned to their passions and purpose. Julie’s specialty is working with women, but what she has to share will be helpful to men as well. Julie knows we try to build our business and draw clients into our online market, but we end up wasting a lot of time and not making the kind of money we want. Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose, and profit with proven, timeless business strategies that work in today’s online world. Julie has created Ignite University, a one-of-a-kind program to ignite purpose, passion, and profit with proven methodologies in business, as well as creating a mastermind space for like-minded women. In today’s show, we hone in on social media, specifically Instagram, as Julie challenges us to a mindset shift.

Show Highlights:

●     Get to know Julie and how she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, becoming passionate about helping women

●     The key to strategic social media use is asking, “Can I leverage this platform for my business?” and “Can it work for me?”

●     How to bring about a mindset shift about Instagram and other social media platforms:

○     See social media as a free gift and resource

○     Use social media as a prospecting tool to find new leads

○     Realize that the search bar on Instagram is an incredible resource

○     Learn to message directly the people who follow you

○     Make your bio about what you do for your clients

○     Keep your content simple

○     Use IGTV to showcase who you are

●     Why many people make the big mistake of using the “post and pray” approach on Instagram

●     Julie’s advice on how to get started: “Clean up your bio, decide on five topics you’ll post about each week, and start the process to find your ideal client.”

●     Why you should start imperfectly at first and then build and tweak your social media presence later

●     Why Julie loves the human connections that are possible through social media

●     Julie’s podcast: Ignite Your Side Hustle

●     How social media helped Julie transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship

●     How to leverage social media in specific ways, like in collaboration with others

●     Parting messages from Julie: “Using social media, and putting yourself out there, may be uncomfortable at first, but utilize what you have, and just get started.”


Find Julie on Instagram at Julie Ciardi

Find Julie’s podcast: Ignite Your Side Hustle

Mentioned in the show: Basecamp and to connect audiences to all of your content with just one link.