Today’s show is packed with helpful information that every coach or entrepreneur needs to hear. If you want to know more about how to build your clientele, then this is the show you can’t miss. Join us!

Marc Mawhinney is a speaker, mentor, and lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients–without paid advertising. He’s here today to share with us his secret sauce for building a substantial audience on Facebook. His Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, has almost 20,000 members, so Marc knows what he’s talking about. He’s a fellow podcaster with his popular show, Natural Born Coaches, and he sends out a physical newsletter, Secret Coach Club, to his subscribers.

Show Highlights:

●     What led Marc to focus on Facebook with which to build his community

●     Marc’s up-and-down journey into coaching

●     Why Marc’s primary focus is on coaching coaches

●     The three pillars of Marc’s business: podcast, Facebook group, and regular emails

●     How to get Marc’s infographic on being a content creation machine

●     How Marc built his Facebook community:

○     He showed up actively every day

○     He followed four rules: create the group, grow it, engage it, and monetize it

●     The correlation between having a daily podcast (for a while) and the growth of Marc’s Facebook group

●     Why you can’t be afraid to “toot your own horn” on social media

●     The value of a Facebook group



Marc’s Facebook Group, The Coaching Jungle 

Marc’s podcast, Natural Born Coaches