As we move into a new year, I wish you good health, wellbeing, peace, and prosperity. The challenges of 2020 remain, so we must commit ourselves to constant improvement in our coaching practice. Join me to learn more.

In this solo episode, we consider key components of our preparation and mindset as we show up as a coaching partner for our clients. How do we embody a coaching mindset? That’s the focus of today’s show as we explore the commitments we can make to mindset work that will make us the best coach possible for our clients.

Show Highlights:

●     A brief history of the ICF core competencies and the four domains of foundation, co-creating the relationship, communicating effectively, and cultivating learning and growth

●     How to embody a coaching mindset that is open, curious, flexible, and client-centered:

○     Acknowledge that our clients are responsible for their own choices

○     Engage in ongoing development and learning

○     Create and maintain an ongoing reflective practice

■     Remain open and aware of the influence of context and culture on ourselves and others

■     Use awareness of self and intuition to benefit clients

■     Develop and maintain the ability to regulate emotions

●     The benefits of mindfulness and reflective practice in our lives and coaching practices

●     How to prepare for sessions mentally and emotionally

●     How we connect our clients with other sources for additional help