As in many of our episodes, today’s show focuses on a unique aspect of business-building. If marketing is an unwelcome task on your to-do list, then join us to learn about heart-centered marketing. Find out more about the new revolution that my guest has begun!

Sarah Santacroce is all about heart-centered marketing. Her revolution is the Gentle Marketing Revolution. You’ll learn about marketing genuinely and authentically, tapping into Sarah’s 7 P’s of Marketing. She comes from Switzerland and will share her unique marketing perspective, along with helpful resources that you can use in your business.

Show Highlights:

●     Sarah’s Gentle Marketing Revolution

●     How Sarah was led into her work as an Online LinkedIn Consultant

●     The process of devising the Gentle Marketing solution

●     Why people want to build their business with kindness and integrity

●     7 Pieces to the Gentle Marketing Revolution:

○     Passion: What is the story of the WHY behind your business?

○     Personal Power: Who am I, and what do I want?

○     People: Who are the people I want to serve?

○     Product: Do my products and services align with my values?

○     Pricing: What feels good to me and creates a win-win-win relationship?

○     Promotion: What platforms feel right to me?

○     Partnership: How can I benefit from collaboration?

●     Final words from Sarah: “Give yourself permission and listen to your intuition.”


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Sarah’s Book: The Gentle Marketing Revolution