Today’s show will make you think in new ways about the systems in your business. We know that systems are important and relevant to all of us in achieving the freedom we want as business owners. Join us to take a fresh look at the vision, organization, and processes that will make your business work!

Michael Mills is one of the founders and managing directors of Business Design Corporation. Michael was a Master Certified E-Myth Consultant for many years, delivering Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Mastery Program to hundreds of entrepreneurs. He decided to focus on creating a tool and process to make it easy to systemize businesses. Michael’s career spans 35 years from where he started out as a sales manager in his father’s company. He went on to own his own company, which he later sold, and then he focused his attention to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses. He’s written a book on how to systemize businesses, and he’s a frequent speaker at conferences in the US and Canada. In 2004, Michael’s business was so systemized that he and his family took 14 months to travel the world in a once-in-a-lifetime experience; his business ran smoothly and profitably during his absence, all because of the systems he had put in place. Get ready to view your business systems with a brand-new perspective!

Show Highlights:

  • A glimpse into Michael’s journey to where he is today
  • Five Simple Steps to Systemize Your Business:
    • Vision–know where you’re going
    • Create your organizational structure with an org. chart–”You won’t know how to grow without an organizational chart.”
    • Process identification–List each step in your business that requires a process
    • Linking–Link your processes to boxes on your org. Chart
    • Prioritizing–Prioritize, write, implement, and repeat
  • Don’t think of systemizing your business as a one-time project, but an ongoing thing


Michael’s email for handout:

Michael Mills of Business Design Corporation <>

Website: Business Design Corp

Facebook Group:  Business Systemization