Today’s show will help you make more money in your business! Isn’t that what we all want? Join us to learn more about increasing your financial fitness by creating a business plan.

Tracey Bissett is a financial coach on a mission to redefine the world’s economic future by increasing the financial literacy of entrepreneurs just like you and me. Tracey has over 20 years’ experience in the financial industry, so she has the skills to help us best flex our financial muscles. She is the founder, President, and Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness, Inc. Tracey helps her clients understand and improve their financial fitness levels to increase their confidence and clarity as business owners. In addition to owning her business, Tracey is a professor at Centennial College’s School of Business, and she’s a regular speaker at engagements to increase financial fitness awareness.

Show Highlights:

  • How Tracey realized her early passion around finances and entrepreneurship
  • To get started with your business plan, test the market to make sure your product will sell
  • How to get clarity around your ideal customer:
    • Who do I want to help?
    • What problem can I solve?
  • How to explore the market with focus groups and surveys
  • How to use pricing exercises to see if you can make money on your endeavor, considering your product/service costs, time, and overhead expenses
  • Why Tracey says most business owners undervalue and underprice what they sell
  • Tracey’s suggestions to increase income, freedom, and flexibility as an entrepreneur
  • Don’t be afraid to get advisors to help with bookkeeping, accounting, and other tasks
  • Consider hiring a business coach to help you figure things out faster and smarter
  • Tracey’s tips:
    • Have a regular time to review financial results, either weekly or monthly
    • Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes. Move on!
    • Don’t commingle personal and business finances
    • Be kind to yourself and patient


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