Today’s show is all about new possibilities for 2021! When we make changes to our business, we know that there is an impact on our home life and work life. After going through 2020, it’s a great time to consider a unique opportunity to include in your services offered to clients. We are talking about retreats in today’s episode because they are a great way to continue to build your brand and strengthen relationships with clients. So, the question is: Are you retreat ready?

Tamara Golden is the owner, founder, and CEO of Journeywork Retreats, a full-service retreat planning, and strategy company. Tamara takes her unique experience as a certified coach and travel/event planning expert and combines them to create this unique company that serves the US and the world. She offers do-it-yourself courses all the way to done-for-you services within the context of supporting entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, the transformational leaders. She crafts custom retreats that grow their brand and accelerate outcomes for their clients. Retreats create a unique transformational experience in a concentrated, focused time together. Tamara shares what you should think about when planning and incorporating retreats strategically into your service offerings.

Show Highlights:

●     Why Tamara decided to work with business owners in creating and facilitating retreats

●     The two-fold purpose of a retreat should be to grow your business and to do deeper work with existing clients

●     The first two steps in being retreat-ready:

○     To get started, you need two things: clients and teaching material

○     Decide how you want to strategically embed the retreat into your offerings

●     Why you have to have your proof-of-concept in place and then decide how to attach it for profitability

●     How to navigate the retreat-planning tasks

●     Tamara’s tip: ask your clients where they want to go, when they want to do, and what content they want to cover

●     Keys in deciding the when, where, and kind of venue

●     How to look at retreats with client retention in mind–and not client attraction

●     Tamara shares an example of a recent retreat in Belize

●     Why you should consider a local or regional retreat before going overseas

●     How to move forward confidently and successfully in your planning

●     Timeline tips for planning ahead for local and overseas retreats

●     Why your retreat needs the three key elements of teaching time, bonding time, and downtime


Find out more about Tamara’s work and take her Retreat Ready Assessment: Journey Work Retreats

Find Tamara on LinkedIn: Tamara Golden Journey Work Retreats