Today’s show covers the one thing I wish I’d known earlier and done better. We are learning about lead magnets: what they are, how to create them, and why you need them. Bringing value to your clients in the work that you do will build an engaged, interactive, warm audience.

Nancy Fields loves “teaching people how to fish” with WordPress, which is a platform for building websites without having to hire a web designer. She builds websites and teaches others how to do it for themselves. Nancy began her design business over 28 years ago. As a graphic designer, web designer, calligrapher, and botanical illustrator, Nancy loves color, light, and design. Her appreciation for these elements was enhanced at an early age as she grew up with an aunt who was blind. In today’s show, we talk about creating lead magnets that people actually want, along with Nancy’s tips and strategies to grow your business with a high-converting website.

Show Highlights:

●     Nancy’s journey into the work she does today

●     Why we want to build an email list and let people know that we can solve their problem

●     Why your free offer–your lead magnet–should answer the question and solve the problem of the person who will be your ideal client

●     Nancy’s most popular lead magnet–all about website images and pictures

●     Nancy’s #1 lesson learned: “Don’t give out too much information in your lead magnet. Less is more.”

●     How to know what your audience wants, and how Google Analytics or even a simple Google search can help)

●     How to align your creative offerings with what people want

●     What Meg wishes she had known about her first lead magnet

●     Why you can’t wait until everything is perfect

●     How to use Canva in your lead magnets–even the free version!

●     A checklist for lead magnets:

○     Offer what the customer wants–in their own language

○     Decide what you will create

○     Use an email host to build your list

●     Why your lead magnet has to be perceived as high-value

●     Why your free offer shouldn’t be something you spend more than one hour creating

●     How Nancy works with coaches to help with websites and lead magnets and offer workshops and courses


Nancy’s website: Fields Graphic Design 

Giveaway: Get my free resource for totally FREE high-quality images for your website or any project.

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