Today’s show brings us information about taking a closer look at how we can build our business. As always, we are bringing strategies, tools, and resources to take your coaching business to the next level!

Bryan Kramer is the co-founder of H2H Companies and a renowned business performance coach, global keynote speaker, executive trainer, two-time bestselling author, TED speaker, and Forbes contributor. He’s also the former president and CEO of a Silicon Valley global marketing agency, an experience that he shares with us in the interview. As a business-performance coach, Bryan teaches speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs how to up-level their storytelling and create more business opportunities through the H2H Method.

Show Highlights:

●     Bryan’s journey to the coaching world from his global marketing agency

●     How he walked away, took a year to find and heal himself, and found his people by becoming a coach

●     Six steps to help coaches with business growth:

○     Mindset–Reset your mindset by having a mentor or coach hold you accountable

○     Niche down (and then down again)–Niche down enough to stand out in your field

○     Create your irresistible offer–Deliver your value–and prove it

○     Connect with people–Use simplicity, empathy, and embrace imperfection

○     Build your relationship platform–Nothing is as important as your community!

○     Increase the momentum–Take everything you’ve learned and refine your processes

●     Final words from Bryan: “We aren’t all built the same. We are unique, and our journey isn’t like someone else’s. Your time is coming. Be kind to yourself.”



Bryan Kramer

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There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H

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