Today’s show brings a unique perspective about the coaching journey. Our topic is timely as we wrap up Black History Month with a conversation about racism, bias, and the primary need for curiosity.

Genena Armstrong is a highly sought after ICF-certified professional and personal development coach, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, and best-selling author. She has over 25 years’ experience in human resources and is currently an executive coach with Building Champions Inc. Prior to that, Genena owned and operated her own coaching and consulting practice, Metamorphosis Coaching. She has also served as a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for various Fortune 500 companies. Join us to hear Genena’s perspective on how we can honor diversity through our coaching practice.

Show Highlights:

●     What lights up Genena about coaching

●     Genena’s experience as an African-American female on the coaching journey, which was shaped by what her mother taught her about racism and bias

●     How racial tension hits differently when you see its effect on your children

●     Genena’s advice about educating ourselves about racial issues

●     How Genena begins her executive coaching in organizations

●     How to manage bias–even if you’re unaware that they exist

●     How Genena realized her own bias regarding Asian men early in her career–and how she overcame that bias

●     Genena’s hope for the coaching community and society as a whole

●     Why we, as coaches, need to learn and grow


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Mentioned in the show:

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Think Again by Adam Grant