If you’re ready to skyrocket your sales, then join us for today’s show. We will learn how to engage our minds for success in moving forward in our businesses. My guest delivers bucket loads of wisdom and inspiration in the form of techniques that you can apply today! Join us!

Angela Henderson is an author, entrepreneur, small business consultant, speaker, blogger, mom, and former mental health clinician of more than 15 years. She founded a highly successful online educational toy store called Finlee and Me, and she currently works with business owners to grow thriving enterprises. Angela helps women build consistent five-figure months and multiple six-figure years–without burning out in the process.

Show Highlights:

●     Angela’s journey from mental health clinician to online educational toy store owner, parenting blogger, and business consultant

●     Why it’s OK to pivot and leave a place of abundance to go after something else that lights you up and brings you joy

●     Why you have to be mindful of overcomplicating things; simplicity is in your favor

●     Why it’s important to understand why your business is struggling to skyrocket your sales

●     How to identify the “internal stuff” that’s holding you back—and how to fix it

●     Remember that “selling is serving”

●     Angela’s Three S Framework for skyrocketing your sales:

○     Showing up–How, why, and where? (Google Analytics can help)

○     Strategy–How to map out the year with a promotional rhythm

○     Selling–Are you doing it every single day?

●     An example from one of Angela’s clients proves what showing up and selling every day can do for your business


Connect with Angela:

Website: angela Henderson 




Email: info@angelahenderson.com.au