We are exploring a new topic in today’s show as we consider the gift that is our voice, the instrument we use for communication. Join us as we learn about a unique perspective on coaching through vocal empowerment.

Brienne Hennessey is a licensed Speech-Voice Pathologist who became a vocal empowerment coach with 13 years of clinical expertise specializing in voice and breathing assessment and therapy. Her focus is on the prevention of vocal injury through wellness and customized voice training. She is a speaker at local, state, and national conferences who has worked at the top academic voice centers in the US, and she has published research-based book chapters and articles. Brienne is the owner of Your Vocal Vitality, LLC and the creator of Empower Your Voice. This program supports CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, sales teams, and public speakers to conquer vocal fatigue, elevate voice health, and tap into their inner voice to show up with more authentic impact and influence.

Show Highlights:

●     Brienne’s journey to where she is today as a vocal empowerment coach

●     Why your voice is a vital asset for communication in your life and business

●     The frustration of not being able to communicate

●     Why we shouldn’t take our voice for granted

●     Warning signs that something might be wrong: scratchiness, hoarseness, fatigue, strain, and weakness

●     What to consider about voice health and wellness

●     How to minimize nervousness about public speaking

●     What it’s like to work with a vocal empowerment coach:

○     You’ll understand how the voice works

○     You’ll understand vocal hygiene

○     You’ll understand voice use

○     You’ll craft a warm-up, cool down, and voice use plan

●     What Brienne wants us to know about loving our voices and ourselves

●     How bias and prejudice show up about our voices and those of others

●     Why we need to own and love our natural voices

●     Brienne’s tips for overall voice health

●     An example of a voice warm-up exercise–Join us!


Ways to connect with Brienne:

Email: brienne@yourvocalvitality.com 

Facebook: Your Vocal Vitality 

Empower Your Voice Facebook Group: If you are a person who requires your voice to do your job, I am warmly inviting you to join: Facebook: Empower Your Voice 

IG: Your Vocal Vitality 

Clubhouse: @briennehennessy