If you’re plagued by past experiences, or you would like to move beyond where you are, right now, listen in to today’s show, with guest, Kathy Sparrow, who appeared on the show a few weeks ago, when she shared about being a coach for authors and explained how to get your book out there, so that you can connect with your clients.

In Kathy’s previous interview, she touched on a technique called RIM (Regenerating Images and Memory), which raised awareness and curiosity with the listeners- they wanted to know more…So today, Kathy is here again, to explain. Listen in and find out all about RIM- what it is and how it can help you to get your old, embedded beliefs out of the way.

Today, Kathy talks to Meg about:

  • She reads the description of RIM from her mentor’s book.
  • Her first experience with RIM in 2010- the most profound experience she’s had.
  • What she realized in that first RIM experience and how it helped her.
  • How she became a certified RIM facilitator in 2011 and how she advanced with RIM from there.
  • How she views coaching as different from therapy.
  • How depression can come about from life situations.
  • How the messages from the past can really impact your life and inhibit your abilities.
  • A realization she had during a Mastermind about why she wasn’t stepping out.
  • How this realization has created a new awareness within her, to move forward.
  • What a typical RIM session would look like.
  • How RIM can move a client to see the future, through guided imagery.
  • How you can gain a voice, and change your past beliefs, through using RIM.
  • Examples of what you can change in your life, with the use of RIM.
  • How her coaching has changed for the better, since incorporating RIM into her toolbox.
  • What she would recommend for someone wanting to find out more about the RIM technique.
  • How she clears her own gunk with RIM.
  • That you can never take your clients past where you are, so you really need to keep fully present.


Kathy’s website: www.kathysparrow.com

RIM website:     www.riminstitute.com

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathysparrow/