I’m absolutely sure that today’s show will bring value to your coaching business! We are covering a topic that I hear mentioned repeatedly by other coaches, which is how to create an elevator pitch that wows and attracts clients. If your elevator pitch needs a tune up to leave the humdrum behind and take your business to the next level, join us to learn more!

Chala Dincoy is CEO and founder of The Repositioning Expert, a division of Coachtactics, and a marketing strategist who helps professional service companies change their messaging to attract more decision-makers. She’s a marketing consultant who has written Gentle Marketing: A Gentle Way to Attract Loads of Clients and How to Win Friends the Way Apple Wins Customers. Chala brings her experience and expertise forward to help us understand the secrets to create an elevator pitch that wows customers and engages clients.

Show Highlights:

●     Chala’s journey to her work today in helping coaches be successful

●     How Chala functioned as a corporate slave for 18 years as she dreamed of doing more

●     How Chala had to pivot her business to go online due to COVID—and found even greater success

●     Why your elevator pitch has to be something that stops people in their tracks and prompts them to ask for your card

●     Why Chala decided to focus her work with coaches

●     Why differentiation boils down to super niching

●     The two steps to identifying your super-niche:

○     Pick a very specific interest group that you serve

○     Identify the most expensive problem you can solve for them

●     Why Chala’s super niche is to help diverse businesses develop their elevator pitches

●     Common objections to super-niching

●     How Chala works with clients to get clarity in identifying their super-niche

●     The formula for the perfect elevator pitch:

○     The Who: Who do you serve?

○     The Pain: What is their most expensive pain?

●     How Chala fixes your elevator pitch so that you are asked for your card or a meeting after every interaction

●     An example of how Chala’s system works to develop Meg’s elevator pitch

●     The biggest problems that Chala sees in her work are people “guessing” at their super-niche and generalizing their niche (“Generalization=Death”)


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