What does it mean to be an empathetic leader? Empathy is a good quality for anyone, especially a leader, to have, but it also brings challenges. Today’s show covers the intersection between feelings and leadership and how coaches can help their clients navigate this tricky pathway. Join us to learn more!

Kris Plachy is THE Thought Leader and Expert for Entrepreneurial Management. Known for her simple, honest, and authentic style, Kris has poured her life’s work into learning about, understanding, and guiding leaders through the tricky path of learning how to lead a team. She’s had an incredible journey that includes beginning her career in a corporate startup culture and being recognized as a top-performing leader, year after year. Kris has a knack for creating teams that stick together, and she’s here to share her wisdom about empathetic leadership that engages and connects, along with strategies you can put into practice right now.

Show Highlights:

●     Kris’ journey, which took an unexpected turn as she merged her coaching with her leadership skills and experience

●     How Kris started her executive leadership coaching business just nine years ago

●     The huge demand for Kris’ help in working with difficult people (because we all need help in this area)

●     How working exclusively with female entrepreneurs was a natural progression and a good fit for Kris’ skillset

●     The concept of the empathetic CEO

●     The difference between sympathy and empathy

●     How empathy can be the superpower that allows you to connect with others

●     The cautionary tale of an empath: experiencing depression, exhaustion, and social anxiety because of everyone else’s emotional noise

●     Why an empathetic leader needs boundaries, systems and procedures put in place ahead of time for particular emotional triggers

●     How to practice the plan of setting boundaries when dealing with toxic people

●     The myth: “I’m just too sensitive to be a good leader.”

●     How coaches can help leaders:

○     Have a leadership operating system

○     Understand adversity resilience

○     Have a philosophy for leading people through performance

○     Get clear about your voice, your presence, and who you are as a leader

●     How you can feel everything you want to feel and still be successful, happy, and joyful


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5 Truths for Thinking About Difficult People

How to Coach Difficult People in Six Steps

Change Your Think: An Unexpected Way to Think About Managing People

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