One thing we all need to improve is our memory skills. How important is it for a coach, leader, business owner, or entrepreneur to have sharp memory skills? How can these skills increase your value and profitability? Does it take superior intelligence to sharpen your memory, or are there practical techniques that anyone can learn? Join us as today’s guest answers these questions and more!

Chester Santos, “The International Man of Memory,” is the world’s leading expert on memory training. He has helped thousands of people worldwide realize the benefits of improved memory and a sharper mind. There are many things we can do as human beings, business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders to add value to our lives as we apply some of Chester’s concrete strategies. He is a highly sought-after guest on numerous media outlets for his exceptional skills and expertise. Through workshops, corporate training, speeches, and presentations, Chester has developed a knack for passing on valuable memory techniques that are easy to understand and retain for years to come. He has inspired millions to develop their memory, and he’s here today to inspire each of us to remember more.

Show Highlights:

●     How Chester became “The International Man of Memory”

●     Three main principles of memory skills:

○     Visuals–Turn what you want to remember into a picture in your mind.

○     Additional senses–The more senses you use to encode information into your brain, the more your brain is activated to remember.

○     Psychological aspect–We remember things that catch us by surprise and are unexpected, so attach something extraordinary to what you want to remember.

●     Chester’s memory technique called the “story method”–and how to use it

●     The practical application of memory to business success in remembering names:

○     Repeat the person’s name when introduced.

○     Ask them a question using their name.

○     Connect the name to something familiar.

○     Say goodbye to the person using their name.

●     How memory skills benefit someone who is giving a presentation (Use mental picture clues instead of notes!)

●     How to remember the things you have to look up repeatedly


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