One thing I love about doing this show is getting different perspectives from different guests. Today’s show explores how coaches can use soul alignment to help clients tap into their greatest potential.

Sara Loos is a transformational coach who, for 20 years, has been helping women in leadership roles learn to make soul-aligned choices so they prosper in all areas of their lives. Her work teaches clients how to access their greatest potential through her unique approach, AtomicZen, a combination of mindset, spiritual, and practical shifts to achieve courageous clarity and inner calm. Sara’s work is built on extensive training and certifications in personal development and spiritual practices, and she is considered a master-level intuitive healer. She’s hosted two shows on Transformation Talk Radio and been a featured guest of Hay House Radio, as well as written a book. Sara lives in Pacific Grove, California, yet enjoys supporting clients worldwide.

Show Highlights:

●     What Sara wants us to know about soul alignment

●     Skills we need to know about self-regulation and empowerment:

○     Calm

■     It takes breath and visualization to set and calibrate this emotion. Sara explains how to hang out in the space and witness what you’re feeling.

○     Clarity

■     Sara’s “Move that Bus” technique involves moving blocks out of the way to hear your inner wisdom. This is soul alignment.

○     Courage

■     This is important for women, especially when they feel unworthy and underestimate their skill sets. Courage comes from feeling it, not thinking about it.

●     The difference between fear and nervousness

●     How women are waiting to “be invited to the table.” Sara explains how to “make the space and step into courage.”

●     Sara’s path from high-level corporate marketing in NYC and LA when she had no family life and was miserable all the time. When she was fired, this led her down the path to personal support through coaching and therapy to find alignment.

●     Sara’s #1 lesson learned: “I’m not meant to work with everybody.”


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The Miracle Worker’s Handbook: A Seeker’s Guide to Creating an Exceptional Life by Sara Loos