One of the goals of this show is to connect coaches with the strategies, tools, and resources they need to achieve their goals. Today’s episode covers what it looks like for a coach to partner with entrepreneurs to help them build thriving businesses.

Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in 1991. He began selling, installing, servicing, and financing computers for large corporations. His business has morphed over time, and he now refers to himself as a Coach Approach Strategic Advisor. Henry offered his coaching services for free during the COVID pandemic –just because he knew so many people needed help. Since 1991, Henry has founded a succession of different firms in e-commerce, finance, real estate, and consumer products. He’s also published a book, Financial Intelligence. In today’s show, we’ll discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur coach and choose your own path forward in coaching. Henry also takes the time to give us a glimpse into his journey and what he is doing today.

Show Highlights:

●     Henry’s journey to where he is today

●     Why Henry is attracted to working with entrepreneurs

●     Why Henry opened up his practice for free from April to June last year to help entrepreneurs

●     How Henry created his hybrid model that blends his financial expertise and coaching skills to be a CASA (Coach Approach Strategic Advisor)

●     Why clients hire Henry for help in solving their problems

●     How to get clarity about who you want to work with

●     Why Henry is looking to pivot into working with retirees next


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