What does it mean to live a well-aligned life? The concept of alignment is essential for the effective coach to understand. Today’s focus brings a different perspective than our recent discussion of soul alignment back in Episode 238, so I hope you’ll join us to learn more.

Kristin Kaufman is the founder of Alignment, Inc., which is a unique consultancy firm formed in 2007 to help individuals, corporations, boards of directors, and other groups find alignment within themselves and their organizations. After 25 years of corporate experience, Kristin woke up one day and realized that she was out of alignment, and this led her to look through a different lens at different work. She wrote a trilogy of books under the title, Is This Seat Taken? We’ll talk about her books and her work, along with challenging your thinking about your engagement and encounters with others.

Show Highlights:

●     Kristin’s path from global corporate work into a pivot that brought alignment

●     Kristin’s books, Is This Seat Taken? Autobiographical collections of stories based on “random encounters, it’s never too late, and this seat is saved for you.”

●     What is alignment?

●     Commonalities that run through the stories that make up Kristin’s books:

○     You have to define success on your own terms.

○     Everyone has the power of choice.

○     Incidental encounters are not accidental.

○     As long as we have breath, we have a purpose in being here.

●     What makes a story fascinating and captivating?

○     Divine inspiration

○     An “arc” in the story

○     Their uniqueness has beauty

●     What Kristin has learned about alignment in life: “We are put on this planet to learn, teach, and serve. It’s all mixed up and glued together with the magical elixir called love.”


Kristin Kaufman

Books by Kristin S. Kaufman:

Is This Seat Taken? Random Encounters That Change Your Life

Is This Seat Taken? It’s Never Too Late to Find the Right Seat

Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved it for You