What are the results you offer to your coaching clients? If you don’t have a ready answer, or you default to a vague and lofty generalization, then today’s show is just for you. It is absolutely key that coaches have clarity about the transformation we bring to our clients. How we speak and present our offerings can help build the “know, like, and trust” factor with our clients. More than the programs and courses you offer, a client wants to know about the specific impact your coaching will have on them. Join me to learn more.

Show Highlights:

●     Why a partnership between coach and client is a key element in achieving transformation

●     Why we have to use specific, concrete, and descriptive language about the outcomes our coaching will bring

●     The importance of identifying the ideal client before identifying specific outcomes

●     Examples of my coaching outcome specifics: “coach with ease and savvy, attain credential, confidently engage with clients, build a thriving business”

●     Why the words you use to describe your outcomes have to feel authentic to you

●     An exercise to help you find clarity about the transformation you offer:

○     Identify (and write down) the results that your clients receive.

■     What have your clients said about working with you?

○     Identify (and write down) the cost to your clients if they didn’t achieve that transformation.

■     What would the prospective client lose by not working with you?

○     Identify (and write down) the specific impact of the results for your clients.

■     How have your clients been transformed by your coaching?

■     Knowing what you bring to the table will help you describe what you do and how you engage with clients; it will also build your coaching confidence.

■     Why you should use case studies and examples of your transformative coaching in proposals, posts, and talks


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