Everyone loves a story. There is power in storytelling as we can connect and engage with others. Facts and figures may be hard to remember, but people will remember a story.

Join us to learn more about how coaches can increase their connection and visibility by using a story. Jane Tabachnick is the founder of Simply Good Press, a book publishing company. She’s a public relations consultant, content marketing strategist, and mentor who works with changemakers to create a greater vision and visibility around what they do. Jane helps people attract clients and be seen as top in their industry. She was named one of the Top 100 People Online by Fast Company, and she’s been featured in numerous media outlets. She’s a former fashion designer and adjunct professor at The Fashion Institute in NYC, where she teaches Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship.

Show Highlights:

●     How Jane came into the work she does today

●     How Jane used a story to engage her audience and increase her visibility

●     How stories are so compelling because our brains are wired to remember stories

●     How we know what our best stories are

●     How Jane uses story to be authentic, real, and relatable

●     How to “make the client/customer the hero of your story” and remove yourself from the spotlight

●     Tips for tuning into your best stories:

○     Ask those close to you about your most impactful stories

○     Be selective about sharing

●     How your story in written form can be impactful and create immediate expert status

●     When considering writing a book, ask yourself what you want to accomplish by writing it (Hint: don’t do it if making big money is your goal.)

●     How to keep your audience in mind by finding out where they hang out online, what they are most interested in, and what podcasts they listen to

●     How to repurpose content from podcasts, videos, blogs, and articles

●    An example of Jane’s story about a sportswear collection she designed


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Jane Tabachnick

LinkedIn: Jane Tabachnick