Fear: it gets in the way of what we want to accomplish in many areas of life. The key to squelching fear is building confidence in what we do and how we engage with people. If fear has gotten the best of you in the past, join us today to learn more about being courageous and putting yourself out there in front of people.

James Allen is an international high-performance coach, author, and speaker. He helps his clients live into their highest potential, so they feel alive, engaged, purposeful, and free. He takes a holistic approach to success by helping his clients build a life and business that go beyond their expectations in health, wealth, and relationships. James helps with mindset, confidence, health, wellbeing, courage, leadership, and business strategy. In today’s show, James shares examples of overcoming fear in business building to achieve the goals you want. He also tells us how to walk into a situation that’s not ideal and thrive in spite of the fear.

Show Highlights:

●     James’ perspective on confidence and courage–and how they fit together

●     How James overcame fear in pricing his coaching services

●     How feeling fear can lead to courageous action that brings a reward

●     How speaking on stages and reaching out for public speaking engagements can help get you in front of clients

●     How to know when and how to take the leap in making phone calls and connecting with others

●     What to say when you make the first contact

●     How to create your own stage through Facebook Live, webinars, and events

●     How to build a webinar with three basic principles that you already know

●     A personal experience from James about the importance of showing and delivering

●     How to come from a place of service to support others


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Books mentioned in interview:

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Built to Serve by Evan Carmichael