If you’re thinking about expanding your practice to include Team or Group Coaching and you would like to know more about what you can do, in order to get there, listen in to today’s show, with Meg’s guest, Ann Deaton. You will really benefit from listening to her expert advice.

Ann was one of Meg’s coaches through the UTD Program and she has her background in psychology. She has spent the last fifteen years working solidly in the world of coaching, although she used to work as a Neuro- Psychologist for many years prior to that. A few years ago, Ann, in collaboration with Holly Williams, wrote a book called Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside. Listen in today and find out more, as Ann talks to Meg about Group and Team Coaching in organizations.

Today, Ann talks to Meg about:

  • What led Ann into coaching, with her background being in psychology.
  • What draws Ann to the types of coaching clients that she currently works with.
  • The interesting premise of her book.
  • How each of the participants in her book developed, while the book was being written.
  • The kinds of things that should be considered by a coach, when considering doing some team, or group coaching.
  • The importance of having a good structure in place, when coaching groups, or teams.
  • Ann’s idea of the best practices for group or team coaching.
  • The value that Ann sees in Group or Team Coaching, as compared with individual coaching for organizations.
  • Improved communication, through group training.
  • How Group Coaching impacts on potential other business within the company.
  • How specific Ann is with her outline when negotiating with a potential new client.
  • How often Ann runs into people being sentenced to coaching and how she deals with that kind of resistance.
  • The dynamics of Team Coaching as compared with coaching a diverse group of individuals.
  • How coaches can role model for their clients.