Today’s solo episode takes a deep dive into the stress we’ve all been dealing with over the past 18 months or so. We are now seeing an uptick that tells us that the pandemic isn’t over yet. There are many stressors today, like going back into the workplace or sending our kids back to school. How can we engage with our clients in ways that bring our best selves forward? The reality is that coaches are dealing with stress, and our clients are dealing with stress. Let’s talk about how we can reframe stress and engage with our clients to offer new options.

Show Highlights:

● Stress is a fact of life, a certain amount of stress is normal, and we actually need some stress in our lives for optimal function.

● Some of the biggest stressors include balancing work and parenting, adjusting to working from home (or returning to the workplace), and unhealthy sleep patterns.

● As stressors increase, our coping skills decrease, and we tend to push away from the very practices and activities that can help us deal with stress.

● Specific strategies to partner with clients and employ cognitive coaching skills:

○ Help the client understand the belief driving their reaction and help them respond without fear, mind-reading, generalizations, or judgment.

○ Apply the four agreements (from Don Miguel Ruiz) to how we think about stressful situations: (Find more in Episode 13)

■ Be impeccable with your word

■ Don’t take anything personally

■ Don’t make assumptions

■ Always do your best

○ Use the client’s strengths to emphasize their best self in ways to shift the focus from the negative.

○ Recognize the uniqueness of each client and facilitate their growth in ways that make sense for them and how they respond to the world, whether that is geared toward the cognitive, environmental, creative, physical, spiritual, managerial, relational, humorous, or outdoor activity. (In other words, what lights them up?)

● Even with universal stressors, each person has an individual response—and that’s how we need to engage with our clients.


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Strengths-Based Workbook for Stress Relief by Ryan Niemiec

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