Today’s show is about practical strategies that help you communicate effectively to capture the attention of your audience, whether it’s an audience of hundreds, thousands, or just one person. Could anything be more important? Join us to learn more about engaging in conversation and understanding your audience and their struggles.

Neil Gordon helps experts become the face of a movement. He works with executives, influencers, coaches, and thought leaders and has helped them get six-figure book advances, be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz, and double their speaking fees. Prior to becoming a communications expert, he worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House, where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors. He has been featured on Forbes, Fortune,, and NBC Palm Springs, and is a VIP contributor for Entrepreneur.

Show Highlights:

● How Neil came into the work he does today

● How we can get our message “out there”

● The example (from Neil’s dad’s life) about framing an issue in the context of a problem that someone wants to be solved

● How to know what problems your audience wants to solve

● Neil’s “Twitter Test”—how it works and what it accomplishes for him

● How to align your message to your audience’s problem:

○ Craft and tailor a framework message that can address various needs–and build in your solution.

○ Reach out to existing clients about common themes.

○ Have empathy and understanding about their problems–and you’ll build trust.

● How contrast leads to clarity:

○ Find your “silver bullet” by packaging your secret sauce in a simple sentence.

○ Contrast your unique solution to the others offered that are failures.

● Neil’s parting message: listen to a story connected to the loss of Neil’s father and the eulogy he gave for him


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