In today’s solo episode, I’m sharing my expertise about what successful coaches do to leverage their time and energy to maximize their income, impact, and growth. Join me to learn more about how to give your clients what they need.

Show Highlights:

● Why I’ve created a resource page with tools you can use

● How there are limits on your time, energy, and income capability

● How some coaches follow the model of low client load and high price point

● How some coaches leverage their expertise with more product offerings than just one-on-one coaching

● How reliance on one-on-one coaching only can contribute to burnout

● Why I challenge you to project outward to two years, four years, six years, and ten years–and see where different product offerings can fit for you

● How turning to different product offerings has opened up new avenues of energy, focus, and diversity in my coaching business

● Options for offerings other than one-on-one coaching:

○ Group coaching programs in the form of mentor groups for skills growth (With this option, you have to decide your subject matter focus.)

○ Video training series or an online course (After the series or course, you can invite them into a coaching package with you.)

○ Membership site (This option offers more access to you with a lower price point that offers incredible value.)

○ Retreats (This is a high-end offering for a smaller group of clients.)

● How you build credibility and a framework to become the go-to person in your space:

○ Have confidence in inviting people into your space to work with you.

○ Close the gap between coaching and becoming good at selling.

● Why you need to explore these ideas and see if they will work for you


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