I hope you can focus on gratitude during this Thanksgiving season. I know that I’m immensely grateful for every listener and each wonderful guest of the STaR Coach Show. Today’s discussion is about getting past stumbling blocks to be a powerful partner for our clients. We are also talking about credentialing opportunities for your coaching certification, so listen closely if you need to grab more credits before the end of the year. Join us to learn more!

Annie Gelfand is a repeat guest on the show. She has been coaching individuals, teams, and relationships since 1997. She founded her company, Radical Wisdom, to work with professional coaches who are driven to step up their coaching mastery skills in service of being the most potent change catalysts possible for their clients. She holds multiple coaching certifications and has a diverse range of life experience, including a 15-year corporate career, being a reflexology instructor, certified holistic practitioner, and living in rural India for seven years while studying under a meditation and yoga master.

Show Highlights:

● Why Annie lights up in being a changemaker who sees the world differently than most other people

● How coaches hold the key to having true conversations from unconditional positive regard

● Why obtaining an MCC is an important achievement for any coach; it’s the highest credential a coach can reach to be the most excellent in their field

● Since 2017, Annie has held the Essence of Mastery Summit to help coaches get their core competencies; the next one is coming up in December!

● What coaches struggle with the most

● What it means to really listen to your clients without judgment

● How to pause, get curious, and come from a place of no ego and no judgment

● The importance of clarity in the coaching agreement

● Coaching the WHO and getting “underneath” the issue in true partnership with the client

● Why coaches tend to get uncomfortable with an emotional client–and how to handle it the best way

● Why it’s important for a coach to have a willingness to be vulnerable and wrong

● How we give the client the space to create change by not trying to prove our worth and be the “best” coach with the “best” questions

● Why coaches should record themselves and listen over and over again even though it’s a painful part of the coaching certification journey

● What you should know about the Essence of Mastery Summit, December 7-9, 2021


Earn 21 Core Competency credits with the

Essence of Mastery Summit at Essence of Mastery Summit.

Use the code “MEG” to save $100 when you sign up by 12/1/21.

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